Meters with communication output allowing remote reading are used for measurement. For communication, the transmission network (LAN, WAN) is used, supplemented with devices allowing connection of individual IMS elements. If the LAN (long distance, hard surface ...) cannot be built, a wireless network is developed.

The system fulfils all the requirements set in Ordinance No. 358/2013 Coll. issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic on laying down the procedure and conditions of the deployment and operation of smart metering in electricity and in an amendment of Ordinance No. 168/2015 and Act No. 142/2000 Coll. on Metrology.


  • online overview of energy consumption, losses, breakdowns, etc. - overview

  • remote administrator and user access - comfort

  • full compliance with requirements to IMS for local distribution networks - compliance with legal requirements

  • IMS compliance for MDS - compliance with legal requirements

  • error detection + alarms - security

  • supervising limit values ​​- kWmax, cos Ø, consumption - savings

  • analysis of measured values ​​- basis for decision making

  • analysis of measured values ​​- basis for decision making

  • regulation of simple processes - simplicity

  • reports on selected values - basis for decision making

  • merging / covering multiple autonomous systems - simplicity

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