Within evaluation the OEE system monitors:

  • „Availability“ - represents the percentage of use of total working time

  • „Performance“ - represents the ratio of the number of pieces really produced to the scheduled amount of products

  • „Quality“ - represents the ratio of the number of quality products to the total number of products produced

  • „Overall OEE“ - represents the product of all three values

The module is primarily designed to measure and evaluate the efficiency of facilities and workplaces as well as to monitor the use of efficiency of working time. It includes monitoring the price of work with the direct output in the financial expression of the activity. These factors are directly and positively influenced by management efficiency, costs, production, evaluation and, of course, corporate profit.

The proposed solution is an open system that, after its implementation, can be easily extended, either by monitoring of other workplaces and employees or by modules for the overall energy management of a company.


  • Unlimited number of monitored places at minimum additional costs

  • With multiple facilities it is possible to compare efficiency in wider contexts

  • Provision of comprehensive overview of workplaces measured as well as the energy balance of workplaces and facilities monitored in case of extension

  • Visualization in other than basic web user environment, processing of statistics, graphs, tables, etc.

  • Automatic reports generation and their transferring to a designated person in the required structure

  • Implementation of remote reading of billing meters and management of non-electrical media on the same server already installed

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